This is a common question we get at Victor Rios Flooring and Construction LLC. We are here to tell you that wood flooring can add extensive value to your home, especially when you have it in multiple rooms. So let's talk about today.

A valuable asset to your home

There is one factor of wood flooring that leads to its value. When you choose a solid hardwood floor, you get an extensive lifespan. Sometimes that lifespan can last for up to 100 years if properly maintained. The longer the floors last, the more value they add to the home. Homebuyers appreciate that value.

Engineered floors also add value; lifespans about 30 plus years share the same visuals as solid hardwood. But the lifespans are not the only valuable thing about these floors.

The stunning visual appeal of wood flooring can be renewed every few decades. Thanks to the refinishing process, the beauty of the floor can be preserved. In addition, you can customize their appearance with ease. By choosing species, colors, finishes, and formats, you can change the look of your wood floor. You can even change the installation techniques. Create the floor you’ve always wanted.

Consider our company

Victor Rios Flooring and Construction LLC is a hardwood flooring company that is here to serve you. We offer an outstanding choice for all of your wood flooring needs. We have plenty of materials and services to give you the best experience for a wood floor. We listen well to your needs and requirements and work hard to provide you with what you want. No project is too small or too big.

We are proud to serve Bell Gardens, Bellflower, Norwalk, and Santa Fe Springs. In addition, we have a showroom in Downey, CA. So when you are ready to commit to your project, be it solid hardwood flooring, or engineered, stop by our showroom and let us help you get the floor you desire.