If you consider wood flooring for your home, you may be caught wondering about the difference between solid and engineered materials. The most fundamental difference is construction, but we will talk a little more in-depth about the differences between these two, so follow along for all the details.

We offer excellent wood flooring

We offer both solid and engineered hardwood flooring, and we are experienced in both types, which differ most obviously in their construction. As you might expect, solid wood is natural wood, through and through, with a fantastic lifespan that can easily surpass 100 years.

Engineered hardwood is a veneer of natural wood attached to perpendicular layers of plywood, offering impressive performance, even in areas where solid wood cannot be installed. It is durable, more suitable for damp locations, and offers a lifespan that can average about 30 years or more, with proper maintenance.

Both floors can be refinished once wear begins to show, allowing you to choose a brand new stain color and finish. Once these are applied, you will find your floors look brand new for another few decades, so be sure to visit us when you are ready to see them for yourself.

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When you choose Victor Rios Flooring and Construction LLC for your floor care, you will find that we take great pride in matching our customers with the best materials for the rooms that need flooring. We match your requirements to the perfect options for an outstanding experience with excellent results in both products and services.

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